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Spirituality for me has never been about straight faces (despite my own Buster Keatonish face haha), about speaking in an oh-so-soft voice, niceness for the sake of niceness, attitudes of wisdom, nor about damsels who prostrate themselves publicly in ways that I can only find vulgar.

I’ve seen way too many “spiritual” people who are simply delusional, who talk in the name or their gurus, who use “spirituality” as an excuse for their shocking stupidity, their inability, their failures and unfulfillment, their megalomania, their self-hate (read “asceticism and false detachment as a means of self-punishment”), their trauma, or even their financial situation (the “being-rich-is-not-spiritual”-bullshit), or as a façade for totalitarian desires of uniformization or highly dubious moralizing tendencies (fuck that shit, no self-appointed authority is going to tell me what to do).

Discipline and respect? Yes. Obedience? Never.

I’ve always found spirituality is a matter of intensity, the ultimate mysterium coniunctionis where all opposites dance together in complex, ever-fascinating ways (which at the same time transcends them), where the deepest, most unbelievable tenderness and the utmost fierceness coexist in the most delightful, graceful, and loving ways; where you’re both beyond everything, completely untouched and fully immersed in and involved with life. Where one and the same being can literally burst into a blissful flood of tears at the mere sight of a drop of water falling into a bucket or the trembling of a leaf, and feel like their anger could wipe out everything around them.

Spirituality for me is about being drenched in ecstasy and at the same time having your feet firmly planted on the ground. Refined intelligence, no-bullshit, and a high degree of common sense. And a pronounced sense of humour, it goes without saying. It is about knowing and experiencing nameless dimensions, infinitely beyond logic, rationality and what most deem possible, while being very rational, coherent, and lucid. It is about the delicious glory of one’s self and feeling like God itself (and nothing less), coupled with the awareness of being one with everything and at the same time nothing more than a speck of dust, a very brief happening in an endless universe. Being quite an awesome human being, in other words.